Thursday, September 9, 2010

Bees Wax versus Candle Wax or Paraffin

I have tried all three in my art work.

Bees wax, as yuo see in the Bird ATC in my previous blog, gives an awesome texture, along with a wonderful scent of honey. When doing a petit doll, you may not want it as drippy as I have it in my Bird ATC. In this particular artist trading card, I wanted that type of drippy, liquid look, hanging down from the card. In another type of collage, you may want it a light translucent type of affect where your image looks vintage. Bees wax is not a medium that I do not want to use in all of my work. Perhaps you do.

Candle wax or the type of wax that you use a little press with that seals an envelope can be used as an independent piece of color for your collage. Perhaps you want to make dots, does not smear overly well but try it!.

Paraffin wax is clearer than the others, and appears cloudy and white translucent type of color. The bees wax is a light yellow amber golden honey color.

I find that I like the beeswax better than the paraffin. When I could not find the bees wax in the store, and it was much too expensive for me to buy from a honey dealer, I bought a beaded white wax like a paraffin from the health food store. It melted just as quick as any other wax and I used it till I could find the beeswax. Then low and behold, I found it at Michael's for a very inexpensive price of $5.99 for a block which will last a long time.

I would love to do a huge large canvas painting, and then go to town with the beeswax. Can you imagine the scent from the painting as you approached it.

Well anyway, if you don't have the money to buy bees wax, use candle wax or those old crayons. You might get awesome texture!

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