Thursday, September 16, 2010

Patterns in Art on My Vacation to Rockport

I noticed as I was taking some shots on my vacation in Rockport, were the repeated patterns I saw in store windows, on the side of buildings or just lobster traps piled on top of one another. Repeating patterns I somehow identify with. The objects carry my eyes from left to right, or right to left. If there is an object that repeats going off to the horizon line, that draws my eye away from the foreground to the background. Repeated patterns in art draw my eye to the movement of the pieces rather than necessarily knowing what the objects are. Then my eyes draw in closer to discuss what the objects are representing. In the window of Blue Lantern, the owner has various little fairies in each windowpane to show the customer the variety of sourvenirs, but my eye caught the colors and the number of these little dolls. There were more in other windows also.

The bright yellow lobsta traps attracted me for the brightness and value of color along with the texture of the metal and rust. Light was filtering through the holes of the traps.

The photo of the red barn is a bit faded please pardon that, but I wanted you to see the small buoeys hanging on the side of the building, repeating their primary colors and stripes.

The sea shell guy has his star fish as the focal point to his store front. I stole his idea and tacked my star fish with ribbon and fancy tacks into a window that I am hanging.

See if you can incorporate take an object, and repeat it in a collage, or painting.

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