Friday, September 3, 2010

No Earl, No Art, Candles and Food

No Earl for us. So, instead of doing art work, or working in my art journal, I was out looking for candles and batteries just in case we got hit in the afternoon. I have family that are vacationing in Chatam at the Cape. We called them, but they didn't pick up or havn't called back yet to let us know if they left to go back home or if they are sticking it out. I bet they are sticking it out! They are kind of risky people.
Well, I got my candles, but no art done.
I got my inchies in the mail yesterday; the inchie swap I was in titled "Butterflies" was awesome. It was the first time I did an inchie, and I have done a twinchie:) Funny names though!

I have been wanting to journal daily. Everytime I start, and I think I am going good, maybe writing creatively every day for a couple weeks, something comes in the way and stops me. Then when I remember, I feel so guilty, I throw the journal away. Why don't I just continue in that journal? I don't know why I have to throw them away. There is something about me not accomplishing my goal to continue writing. I mean, I know that I am not going to be able to write everyday forever, it is an odd feelling and thought.

I love journals and have had a spiritual journal because I am a christian and love writing down my prayers and bible verses. I have had a daily journal. I have a women's journal for teachings that I write for the women and daughters meeting held at my house monthly. I have a sketch journal, an art journal and probably another one that I am forgetting. Oh yes, I have one for decorating ideas, and one for clothing outfits that I want to remember how they are put together so that I can do the same with my clothes. It seems like way too many journals and I would love to put one all together but it hasn't worked yet. Perhaps I will have to make one that has lined paper in it, water color paper in it and a smoother paper in it. That is a good idea.

I think I will see if I can find a couple of videos to watch on how to stitch the journal together. It seems kine of difficult. I guess I have to get over that too-the too difficult stuff.

When I make that type of journal, I will post it!

By the way, go to AJ Wrights, Marshalls, TJMaxx (all of them owned by the same management I believe) to buy your candles. Instead of paying $20.00 at one place for one candle, you can get four or five for the buck. Dollar Tree candles burn out quickly and sometimes the wick is cheap and the candle just won't work any more so be careful what you buy.

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