Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Artist Working on Oil Painting

Yesterday, for vacation (we are doing day trips), we went to Rockport to sit on the beach, shop, and work on my photography. When we got to the beach, it was pretty much high tide, so my husband grabbed his chair with his Glen Beck book, I continued on to the shops with my kids and lost them along the way to a coffee shop and myself to the asian store. The stores in Rockport begin to have their fall sales and boy can you find great gifts for Christmas because everything is %50 off or better. The shops are not busy, no crowds and unique items.

As I was wondering from shop to shop, to see what the sales were, and if there was anything interesting and worth purchasing for a summer souvenier I worked my way on down to the dock. There, a man was working on what I believed to be an oil painting, and I snagged him in some pictures. He was painting the most beautiful place in photography. I would love to know how many amateur and professional photographers along with painters and drawers have done this. Sometimes, I just wish they would do an art show, and have people come that have pieces of their work on this building. People travel from all over the world to come here. Rockport along with Gloucester and Kennybunk are favorites for that real beach feel and to work it into your home decor if you like beachy type of nic nacs.

I did find a scarf, head band and hair clip in Blue Lantern. I have befriended the man and woman in the store. We do not speak much to each other because I do not speak their language, but they say hello, and I say thank you and that is about it, but I found a pair of earrings a couple of years ago that I have gotten many opinions about them and the Blue Lantern is where I bought them.

So I had a fun art day, working on my photography, and getting clothing ideas.

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