Tuesday, July 19, 2011 Check it out!

Funky Junk Interiors

Donna, from Funky Junk Interiors has motivated me so much to look at items in a different sort of way and to use pallette's and wood.
She will be in the magazine Folk and I want to win a subscription!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Canon SX 30

This is the camera I have had for about a year. It is not a favorite. I feel my pictures are often distorted, but when I take shots to put up on my blog, or send to other art sites, the pictures seem to show the color well and the texture of what I am trying to achieve in my pieces.

Virus, Flu, Rest

I have had some sort of virus for almost a week now. Have felt really pretty lousy. The other day, after sitting and sleeping on the couch, I grabbed my camera and just took a few shots around the house. For some reason, I was into taking subtle, white and textured photography. I guess when you feel so sick, and you just can't pick up a paint brush or pencil, just snapping some photos made me feel like I got something accomplished. None of these are necessarily frameable, and I don't think that was the intent; just for pleasure, and to let go of my preconceived ideas of art on a day to day basis.


Antique Vintage Old Books

I found a book a couple of years ago on fungi and mushrooms. I absolutely love the pictures and colors and knew I was going to impliment some of them into a collage which I started over a year ago and worked on it a bit today. Dealing with a virus and possible ear infection, I feel terrible, but it felt good to just sit at the table and try to get my mind off of the feeling like my head is under the ocean waves.

I have to admit, sometimes, I get stuck in a collage, and can overwork it or take a complete different twist in working on it.

I am not sure what it is going to do when I finally say "Finished".

Collage Updating

I have been working on this collage for over a year. I love the individual pieces in it, and got to it today to add a few more elements. Working on how I am going to get it to integrate better. It will be unusual I think once I figure it out. I love the round circular spiral in the middle. I know if I add paint, I may ruin it. I want something with texture, I think maybe rusty, bumpy, coppery...I may have to daub, stencil or something. Maybe use texture paste with a copper color in some of the white spots. I just have to get what I want in the center. This collage is a bit different from many of mine because I usually have used alot of gesso, paint and watercolor pastels, but here are alot of papers and antique ephemera that for some reason I just don't have the conscious to be rid of. Maybe I am making this collage a bit too sacred. I should not be leary of touching it. Maybe it will take another year.

Stamp Carving

A GREAT way of saving money on stamps is to carve your own. If you want all sorts of textures for your art work, just carve your own. I find that the little erasers you can stamp out of are too small sometimes so I really like making a stamp that shows texture with the styrofoam meat trays. They can be at least 12" long so you get a great huge texture on your paper.

Michael's sells an economical way of buying a stamp kit including a breyer, a tube of ink, the stamp carving tool, a tray to put the paint, and a piece of rubber to stamp into. If you use a coupon, you get it for so cheap it amazes me. I mean a big savings. Just a breyer is $16.00 and the tube of ink is $7.00. The piece of rubber to carve is $6.00 so when you keep adding everything up, it is alot of money. The box at full price I think is around $34.00 with the coupon $17-20 depending if your coupon is 50% or 40%.

Michaels and coupons

See what I was able to get with Michael's coupons! My first set of illustration markers; no they are not copic, but they are good in their richness and deepness of color. I am waiting to use them for a couple of weeks till vacation so that they are special. I am going to doodle with my manga pen/markers and these beautiful colored markers. Check these inexpensive watercolor crayons too! If you are a mixed media and collage artist, inexpensive products are so much fun to work with and try out. The longer I am in the art community, the more supplies are made and the more there is online. It can get overwhelming. But I truly find that I resort to my same supplies anyway. So take note on a day that you are working on a journal page and after you use a medium, put it to the side. When you work on another piece of art, put that medium on the side. See if there is anything in common. Are they the same supplies? Gesso, black markers, white gel pen, colored pencils, gel medium, water soluble crayons and oil pastels, acrylic paints, papers, ephemera...How many of those stamps and punches do you use anyway. I like picking up the $1.00 stamps at Michaels, ACMoore and JoAnne's because I may use them a couple of times. If you have a friend, perhaps you could switch off your stamps every once in awhile to make use out of what you have. It is terrible the amount of money we spend for a variety and then they just sit there.
One of my friends daughters was trying to sell her stamp collection prior to her wedding because she had 3,000 stamps; and they were not the $1.00 ones either.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Stenciling and acrylics

New ideas I want to try!

Stencil with ink rather than paint.
Stencil with my watercolor pencils or watercolor crayons.
Paint with acrylics in pastel light washes and then write over it with white pen.
Stencil with a texture paste and then when dry, spray with home-made ink washes and daubed off and more color added.

Fireworks by the light of the Moon

fireworks by the light of the moon. We were having terrential rain and my sweet teenage son so wanted to see the fireworks. So we went anyway, it stopped raining and he got his desire. The Lord is good!

Photography fireworks

Grabbed my camera quick when my neighbors two nights ago were giving me an aerial view of their fireworks. I was not ready so I just shot the pictures.

Fireworks and texture

These firework photos look so awesome as texture to create in a collage. Sandpaper it! Spray your paint!

Hands and Heart Video Tutorial-Moni

This has been so much fun to paint with my watercolor pencils, watercolor tubes and ephemera! Studying and watching other peoples videos teaches me so much and it inspires me to work on my own style and desires.