Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Plein Air in Rockport

i give the artist below alot of credit for doing an oil painting plein air. He had his jeep right next to his easel, and he did not seem to care that I was taking his picture. He seemed to be pretty concentrated.

His style work was impressionistic I thought. No, I did not talk to him. I was kind of quiet myself yesterday, and just wanted to shoot pictures. So I got him a few times.

This building is so popular.

I have wondered why certain places are like movie stars. They attract everyone. I have people from all countries visiting here. It is a small quaint town.

At Christmas time they have a wonderful live nativity scene and a parade of sorts, with Christmas music playing from the church nearby, and Mary, Joseph, baby, sheperds, and animals come strolling slowly up the street. People huddled up on the sidewalks watching this event are singing Christmas Carols. It was something I am so greatful to have experienced. Then in the summer, you have tons of tourists strolling, buying little gifts, bebopping in and out of the galleries.

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