Monday, May 2, 2011

Pottery Barn and Why so many people like it

Texture, natural, rope, shells, birds, candles, white, wicker, metal, decorations, rocks, moss...a bit for everyone. So, I can't afford it; even when items are on sale. I need to make renditions of various items and the way pieces coordinate together. I do realize that the quality of what I make is not necessarily the same, but it sure is fun trying.

I especially love how their products coordinate with each other. I love how they combine various textures together. I love how they put a whole wall of pictures together, and then juxtapose a table and ornaments to match. So, I ordered their free catalogues and cut out all of the pictures I love and wrote notes on the pictures reminding myself of items I have and how I could put them together to achieve a certain look in my house. I am an artist, and love collaging and when I am decorating, I feel like I am making a huge mixed media piece in my house.


One of the next projects I am going to be doing is a wall in my living room.
I have a few ideas
1. Pulling my L shaped couch away from the wall and windows and putting two couch tables behind each couch. Then I can add a fern or various plants and a bird cage.

2.One of the walls, I am going to texturize, and use 3-4 colors of paints to create an Italian feel to the wall, then add old maps and a sconce and perhaps some photography of mine in various frames. I have to work at it first to see how it will work and coordinate. I will post pictures when I am working on it. I just need to get my acrylic paints.

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