Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Another Art Assignment using techniques from "The Technique Zone"e

Boy, did I find a great blog-the technique zone!
This artist is very giving. Go over to her site and give her a "hoot and hollar"!
I did two of her ideas for techniques tonight.

One was to take two ATC's and cover them with gesso. I chose to use grey gesso, this artist used white. Cover one card with the gesso, apply the other card on top, rub a bit and then separate. Let them dry well. After they are dried, rub some kind of ink or acrylic on top. I rubbed yellow ink on one and then white for the edges. The other I rubbed white ink, then black ink, then white ink, then black ink and got kind of an eerie look. The yellow one with white looks like leaves. Amazing the differences.

The next assignment I did was to take maskin tape, apply black ink to a stamp, which I chose a bird, rub the stamp with the black ink, then lay the maskin tape (non stick side down on the stamp and rub a bit, then remove tape and apply tape onto some substrate (surface). I again, selected an ATC, and applied many layers of maskin tape, inks, drew with black marker, and then bees wax. I also did the back of the card with remainders of maskin tape, gold ink, black lettering stamp pad.

So, I accomplished three examples of ATC's and I decided to poke holes in them, take a little silver ring, and attach them as ATC samples and reminders of how I did the techniques. I thought perhaps a sticky label could be applied to the backs and in small printing or type it, what the technique was. This is a great way to build up a collection of memory of "How To's"

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  1. So pleased that you had fun with the techniques - that is a great way to build up a technique booklet x Hilda - I've enjoyed wandering through your blog