Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Children and Art

Do you have children? I have five and have always incorporated art into their education.

There are many galleries that you can visit like in Boston on Newbury Street. All free and you can spend as much time as you like visiting. Many old master's works including art of the 21st century.

Libraries are great too. Our library, even though they do not like me taking pictures of the architecture and small wonderful details of the interior (I had to get permission) are wonderful places to show your children photography and prints of masters for free.

Incorporating art into your children's education may be the very subject they need to relax them from tough school days. My children are used to me always pulling them into some store that has pottery or prints, museums, special printmaking shops, glass blowing factory, local libraries and even my town's art group.

Even though art may not be their specialty, I will tell you that they use art in alot that they do.

Seth works on the Dark Jedi Brotherhood online and creates graphic figures along with working on our family business using a photoshop program. Luke, who graduated from college this spring, called me one day while finishing up a final project in a required art course, asked me various questions on techniques and supplies. We had an awesome conversation about art and Picasso which is his "favorite" artist. (I never knew that:) Lexin pulls out her drawing pad and draws clothing illustrations. Josiah works on his photography photoediting it and is creating his own personal portfolio. I havn't talked to Adam much about his liking of art because he is serving in the Air Force in South Korea.

Perhaps when they are even older, they will do the same for their children as I have.

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