Thursday, March 15, 2012

Shelving for Art Studio

Doing my art studio over again. Need to get rid of the piano and just can't seem to sell it, now I am offering it free. I hope I am doing the right thing.

My daughter puts these types of things together for me, believe it or not, I am not great at directions or geometry etc. so it is funny I am an artist; an abstract one though.

Creative Everyday-Feel Guilty

Do you feel guilty when you don't think you have created everyday? Have you joined a post or posts where you are supposed to be creative everyday? How about the posts for creativity every "Monday" or every "Wednesday" and you have only done it once or twice, and now you are behind and feel terrible.


Let me share with you what I have noticed about myself on a daily basis. I have recently realized that I do something every day that is creative.

Yesterday, I made a creative supper, my own recipe...

Potatoe casserole:

Sliced potatoes done in the microwave till almost all cooked. Cooked in a cast iron skillet with tons of butter. After cooking, I added frozen spinach that I defrosted in the microwave, threw that on top of the potatoes, added cheddar cheese on top and threw the whole thing into the oven under the broiler for about 6 minutes. This went with cubed steak and brown mushroom gravey.


Porkchops seared in butter, after browning on both sides, I mixed apricot jam and orange marmelade (because I only had a bit of both) and covered the pork chops with it and some sugar, let that heat up, then added slices of green apple on top, some curry, cinnamon, sugar again and dots of butter and threw that into the oven. All of this is in the cast iron frying pan. Making brown rice and some sort of veggie.

Yesterday morn, I took my camera outside and took pictures of all the little bulbed flowers popping out of the ground: snowdrops, small blue bells, tulip leaves, hyacinths and small grape hyacinths. There was my photography.

Today, I am wearing an unusual ring that I have not worn ever before, watched a Donna Downey video, a partial video from the Life Book Class I am taking with Tam from Willowing.

I went to a thrift shop and bought pillow cases and curtains to use to cover pillows for my patio. Brought out a bunch of my rusty shabby chic items for my patio so we can sit out there even though it may snow again, not sure.

Picked up some clear vases and bowl to glue together to create garden art.

So there you have it, along with sprouting seeds in jars that I have never done before, I am being creative.

JOIN with me and let me know what you are doing.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Busy with contests, collage and photography

Last week on Monday, I spent time just taking photos. During the week, I worked on a collage for a contest with a wonderful company in Sweden. I so want to win, so I really worked on this collage, very different collage then what I am used to, and I am working on a prayer journal. I have missed about 6 day son the journal though. I can't seem to get my printer working, so I can't print out the scriptures for the journal so that I can just paste them into the journal and then keep them there for when I am ready to paint. I learned how to sprout seeds on youtube, looked up how to purify water cheaply, went shopping for groceries to make my sons Birthday desert; a trifle and parfait which he ended up making anyway. Here are some shots of last weeks business. I also attended a work shop for Golden in Gloucester and I went away home with a few free Golden products. I am also trying to learn how to put up photos of my canning jars for a post on a junk site.

Photos of Seabrook

I love these two shots I took last week at the beach. No pride here, all the camera, and after many photos, you never know what you will get, you just shoot and shoot and then look later. As I tried to look when I was doing them, things were happening before the camera that I was missing, so just shoot.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

My Seagull

I think I am in love! with my seagull taken on Monday in Seabrook.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

19 Year Old

Yes, Seth is now 19:)

Bailey's and Andes Mint-Mild Liquor Parfaits

My son's 19th birthday was last week but he went snowboarding with friends and my husband was away so we had his birthday last night after the swan show and frigid beach day.
Then I was on the hike for creme de menthe, which I was gold by a package store manager that it is hard to buy now. So I bought a Bailey's mint.
Along with the Bailey's, Andes Mints, white chocolate and dark chocolate pudding, angel food cake and home-made whipped cream, layered to may one large parfait, then turned into individual parfaits for family and friend.
They were unbelievable. I bought the ingredients and my son wanted to make them. I had already researched many recipes including Rachel Ray's. Her recipe was layering vanilla ice cream, the creme de menthe and the home made whipped cream. Others had chocolate bits and various cakes or puddings. My son gave me the list of ingredients. It took me almost an hour and a half to get everything. I couldn't find the Andes Mints so I went in the baking department and they had bags already broken up like chocolate chips. If you want the recipe, let me know.
Everything was made in one large trifle (truffel) bowl); Forget how it is spelled.

Photographing the Winter of 2012 Swans and all

My hubby and I went to the beach yesterday. Have no fear, freezing temps don't keep us away and neither did the swans.

Two swans came right up to me because I was feeding them left over Panera bagels. Then came the savage seagulls and the quiet little ducks.

The photos I got of the swans are awesome. Maybe only 2 prize winning ones after 100 taken and my husband asking me if I was going to take anymore. You see, I think the wind was whipping at least about 35 miles per hour and a windchill affect of the 20's. The car door was open of course to protect me in case if the swan came up to grab my nose:) kidding of course, but I wasn't sure what they would do, and I was having a blast taking their pictures and wondering what they would look like (the pictures) once I got in the van and pulled away. Many were blurry and quick taken because the swans were moving up to me and going for the bagel pieces, but I enjoyed myself immensely.

Went to another location at Seabrook and got some shots of the ocean waves. It was freezing and I am going through menopause, so you can imagine how cold it actually was.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Pages of Journal

Yesterday and Today are so different in colors.
I put bookmarks on the edges of the pages with watercolor paper, written down prayer requests and brads attach them to the pages. I may spray them to kind of make the prayer requests a bit more personal to those who pick up the journal.

Journaling-Prayer Day 2

I am so greatful my broken heart was fixed by Jesus death on the cross.

Prayer Journal-Mixed Media

Head over to Motley Soul and work with her and the rest of us on a 30 prayer journal.
You can impliment the scripture right into your work and can also keep a prayer list of those on the site and their needs along with your own needs.

Be Anxious for Nothing is my life verse and this is the one that was selected for yesterday.

I grabbed my water soluble oil pastels, gesso, brushes, pens and graphite, journal of course and some scrap paper that I have wanted to use, watched American idol and worked at my coffee table. That is not me, it is usually in my art room STUDIO or the kitchen. I want to learn to do art work with very little.

So I thought each time I do a collage, write down the supplies I use, and then get an over all feeling of what the main products and supplies I use. I just feel like I have too many things and will I use it all. Of course, I don't want to just throw things out. I have given things away on Freecycle so I am sure if I have extra, I can do that or I can send some to artists who do not have much. If you know of one, let me know!