Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Painting Over Collage

Today, I finally got my gears in working order, grabbed a bunch of my collage papers, antique ones especially, grabbed a couple of my favorite catalogues from a company in the Netherlands I believe it is and a clothing company called Freepeople. I love the colors in these magazines, I love the paper quality and I love the looks on some of the models.

So today, I selected a face that was not completely clear in the first place from the magazine which I thought was kind of cool, and I realized I selected a beautify girl from India.

I am doing a year class with Willowing called "Life Book" and I have not done any of the assignments yet because I have been working on my life coaching class from "Artellaland" as you will see below in other posts. Do check it out, you will get a freebie if you do!

So, I glued down papers with the soft gel medium. I was more selective on the papers, laying them down the way I thought was pleasing to the eye, but I did not spend as much time layering the pieces down the way I should have with a credit card or brayer to squish out the air bubbles and bumps. My son came home after being gone for a few days and he wanted to talk, so I didn't pay as attention as I would have liked to have. So do pay attention, you would like it nice and smooth. Afyer I had all of the pieces down and glued, I used my breyer with the collage between two pieces of wax paper and on a soft mat. I then used my hair dryer to blow dry it a bit.

Out came the clear gesso and instead of painting just the face as Tam mentioned in the video, I painted the whole piece trying to keep the flow over the whole piece. Then I realized I had not added her body frame, oops, but that is ok, so I did, I glued it with the soft gel medium again. I have not gessoed over it though. I may let it go.

Tam added butterfly wings to her girl. I have been debating if I want to do anything like that or not and also I am not quite sure I like her with no shoulders. I think I am worrying about the papers that I would love to show, but won't once I paint over them. Tam is teaching us about the layers of collage.
I have been collaging like this for over 3 years now, and I still sometimes have a hard time going over papers I love.

As you see here I have quotes: Life is the flower for which.....,Here for Life...a writing from a real vintage french book page, bumble bee images, hearts, green and more green, I was definetely in a green mood today (I even was looking at a green scarf in the store today). I guess I am thinking about "LIFE" which is cool because this assignment has to do with the changes of your life, and I have grown spiritually and maturally I believe, so I guess that is where the green is coming from, the pink is my girliness, the beige is my antiqueness and the writing and printing is all of my desires of being an author.

I do have an ebook written about single motherhood and it was supposed to be up on the net, but the company I was working with did not see me through the process and it did not get done. It is edited, front cover by a graphic artist and good to go...maybe soon.

Between being an author to a book, an artist and an up and coming certified life coach through Artbundance or "Artellaland" I will have a great website.

So stay tuned to my future, you will enjoy it with me and maybe I can be an encouragement and aid to you through all of my learning experiences.

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