Monday, May 30, 2011

Shabby and Charm

What a wonderful site; whites, providential and gustavian oolala!
It is so much fun to decorate with white. But still a bit tricky too me.
I think my style of creation is some mixtures, and that is what starts happening to me, I then have a color involved and then lose tract on what I am doing with the whites. I love the shabby chic with the pinks, aquas, mint green and yellows. Then I like the whites by themselves. It is tough when my couch is a two piece sectional "L" shaped, comfie but I don't like the brown and havn't since I bought this piece. We didn't realize that the fabric was going to give us such a problem with pilling. Bought the piece at Jordan's, after being the fourth couch-terrible quality, it looked old after 6 months old. I had never gone through this with furniture. I purchased tarps to go over it, but they didn't look right because the couch is so big.
I just picked up somewhite furniture that someone was giving away and I am over crowding my house now for the love of furniture.

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