Friday, September 17, 2010

I just found out about a really cool idea. It is called Sketchcrawl. Sketchcrawl is a group of artists-age-children-adult, you do not have to be professional, can be an amateur, and you meet in a group in a city and draw all day.

October 16, 2010 is the date held for the sketchcrawl. Artists get together all over the world-France, Italy, Spain, England, Japan and various states in the US.

I found on in Cambridge Massachusetts where the Sketchcrawl is going to be held this year. So what I can do now that I have heard about this is contact the man that is heading this event off. I could also hold a sketchcrawl in a different location.

You can post the sketchcrawl on line to get people to come to your location and have a sign-up. You can invite friends, artists, children and family. Anyone who would like to attend can. You bring your sketchpad, drawingpad, ink, watercolors, pencils and sit and draw what is around you, the people, the scenery, different objects, cars, bicycles.

It looks like alot of fun. asks that you have your sketchcrawl on the same date as everyone around the world will be doing it then.

After that date is over, you can upload your pictures of the sketchcrawl online so others can see what was done that day.

The positives of this I read was the meeting of different people, interested in the same thing as you-drawing.

In Cambridge, the drawing goes on in all various pubs. In other areas of the world, people are drawing buildings, streets, other people in parks or walking, eating, drinking and you may even see your own portrait hidden in someones sketch pads (sketch books).

If you are on vacation at that time in another country, perhaps you could check out the area, sign up and draw with others. Or perhaps, you want to take a vacation and fly to one of these sites. Great idea!

On the other side, on behalf of my Dad who passed away three years ago from cancer, October 16th is his birthday.

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