Saturday, September 4, 2010

Layers of collage

In this collage, after applying the acrylic paint with a credit card on a prepared canvas board, I used a tan brown color, an olive green color and an aqua blue scraped over the canvas approximately 3-4 times, drying the layers in between with a blow dryer.
I used a baby wipe, paper towel and a scraping tool to make marks and wipe off paint in places to have layers of color peek through. What I realized was that the value of the paints were almost the same, so the layers were getting a bit muddled and merky. Then I applied the white with stencils and build up from there.
I noticed how much I love bird images so I added that along with some papers with shades of a burgundy red. Using stamp pads with french writing, I added white, black, and red inks.

I wrote with black and white marker, applied transparent black letters, dripped olive green ink, and I love the use of charcoal around edges and across the whole piece creating a shabby piece.

Believe it or not, I did journal on how to do a collage and why I like to collage all over this piece. It is quite subliminal where some of the writing shows and some doesn't.

Enjoy! Now I know what it looks like to apply colors I like and colors I don't!

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