Saturday, October 8, 2011

Vignettes, Mantels, Decorating

It is fall, and I have the kitchen windows open to let the clean air flow in. My whole family is saying it is freezing, NOT ME!

Orange, Blacks, Browns, Burgundy, grasses, candles, metal, glass, plants, mirrors are just some of the things I like to collect and decorate with.

I went to George's a couple of weeks ago and have had my eye on the piece you see in the picture that is a huge piece of wood with some rusty metal pieces and a harvest foliage filled basket. I have loved that piece and kept waiting and waiting to get it. I was going to make a table out of it for my hallway and when I asked George what it was, he said it was for men to stand on to clean windows. wow I thought, it is only 12 inches wide. I am not sure what you would use the rusty piece for; maybe to hold on to for dear life!

Well as you see, I did not make a table out of it, but a wall hanging. It had the little perch to put the basket of flowers on which I made and filled with cinammon pinecones, silk flowers and white lights. It is really pretty. Maybe it will make it into a table next time.

I filled a conch sea shell with my outdoor plants and some moss thinking maybe I can keep some greenery in the house for the winter months.

I had bought some grasses at the Dollar Tree, but then I went outside and hacked down some different grasses from my yard and put them in my metal vase find from Salvation Army. Maybe that is why we are all sneezing and rubbing our eyes?

I spray painted a vintage birdhouse black and put it on the mantel. I would like to fill it with small orange pumpkins but that will be another day.

I had a book with botanical prints, and I can't have a bare wall in my house so I tacked them on the wall with an antique measuring tape. I like it and I don't. So, I will leave it up there for a bit, and then see what I want to do.

Then, my daughter helped me hang up a bunch of flowered art pieces in my hallway. I can't buy any lights for the hallway, so I hung up my growth light for plants up in the corner and it focus' right on the pictures like in a gallery. Don't worry, it can't harm anything-the light that is.

I am just having fun.

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