Thursday, September 9, 2010


Wake up on that Saturday morning to your kids asking you "What are we going to do today mommy?"

Take them to an art gallery or someones studio.

My husband and I love going to Rockport in Massachusetts. There was a printmaking gallery there. I befriended the older woman and was able to set up an appointment with her to have my children come in one day and use her supplies, paints, and heavy press printer under her supervision. She spent three hours with them.

To pay her back because she was quite old, my husband and I did a few errands in the gallery with her.

There have been times when Dan and I have been driving somewhere, and saw interesting galleries. Stop, because most of the time, the artists, if not overly busy, love showing their work, their skills, and their techniques. We again, stopped a printmaking gallery in Connecticut.

I have made an appointment with a glass blowing gallery. My children have attended my town's art group meetings. Enjoying the time with each child is a memory.

Luke, my second oldest son, called me over a year ago. He was taking art in college and wanted to talk to me about his class and his ideas for the final project. We had to have been on the phone for at least 1 1/2 hours. The topic brought us really close and I couldn't believe I was talking to my son about art. Art was not his favorite subject in homeschooling even though he was a very good drawer. Most of my kids were like that even though I am so passionate about art. When they have had to do art in a college class, or have had to create a graphic design on the computer for family business, it is then that I realize everything I have taught them as their "art teacher" has been accomplished and I just sit there and boast in my mind. I don't say a word:)

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