Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Water-Creative Daily, Creative Monthly

For the site that I receive daily-Creative Daily, or Creative Monthly, the topic was water.
So, I have been on this idea to use very little colors in my work. The other day, I picked my favorite aqua against my dislikes of color in paintings-tan and olive green.

Today, I decided to do a painting with yellow. I really really like yellow and can actually wear it as a color also. I painted my canvas paper with grey gesso, creating a more serene look than white gesso. Then, I took plain yellow acrylic, white acrylic and the grey gesso, and kept mixing different variations of yellow. I used a bit of yellow and alot of white and also, alot of grey and a little yellow, and then kept adding white and yellow to all of the different puddles of paint. I did a sunset on the horizon line with the ocean and beach in the foreground. I know the perspective is off, but I wanted to paint water in yellow rather than blues, greens and purples.

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