Friday, September 17, 2010

Take a Peek

Peek into places like my red barn, find how else you can take photos, what other locations to take pictures of the same item or building or person.

Think unequally, different, where would people not look to take a picture, and try to go there if it is legal of course:) Do not invade someones privacy please.

I need to learn more about glare with windows, (I had a camera that automatically got rid of glare from glass), but this camera does not do it. I was more interested in capturing what I could see through the window; the "idea" of the photo was my main interest not necessarily the quality of picture but that wouldn't hurt if I get how to set my camera right. I have the Canon Rebel (I can't think of the model) and I was playing with all of the settings yesterday. Upteen million it seems like.

Anyway, I love looking through doorways, windows, spaces between buildings, gates, fence openings…

Then I snap the picture.

When taking pictures of the red barn in Rockport, I found that the building was not conveniently placed for some of the shots I wanted. Perhaps I liked the color of the buildings, or the bushes and scenery around, but when I went to take the shot, the red barn was cut off. It would not have mattered if I had a different lense. I don't know what building was built first, the red barn or the house I was standing in front of. I tried anyway. It is fun to try.

I can always do a painting where I see the red barn in between the buildings just with the right proportions if I want to. It is my painting, right?:)

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