Friday, September 10, 2010

Wax-Candle Wax Example

This little piece that is almost camouflaged leaning against my wooded goose, is a new favorite.
I took a piece of cardstock, a piece of paper towel that had paints all over it. I first brayed two inks: black and distressed navy on the cardstock. I then put gel medium on the paper towel and ripped it and placed it on the cardstock. Then I used the breyer that had left over ink on it to rub the edges.

Now the famous step: you know that candle wax I told you about in the previous day blog, melt that, let it drip on your piece and then I used a rubber stamp to press into it. Yes, I know, I may have ruined my stamp. I just had to do it though to see if I would get much of an impression. I did not. I also used the edge of the candle to rub a bit in spots.

Lesson: Is to show you how you can even use candle wax as a layer and an integral part
of your collage process.

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