Friday, September 17, 2010


We as artists collectively need to keep our eyes opened, our intuition opened, our feelings opened, keep our perseptions open, and paint, drawing, sketch, collage, build, what is in our hearts. But, look closely at what you are going to work on.

What I realized this week when I was at Rockport, was all of the many textures, patterns, line, perspectives were right in front of me including color, the values, houses, whether they were complimentary or colors next to each other on the color wheel.

Look closely and see the texture of rope compared to cement, to wood, to metal, to glass, pavement, grass, flowers, animals, peoples skin. Imagine looking at all of this through a magnifier. There would be textures that were similar and textures that were different.

Work these ideas into your drawings and paintings. When working on a collage, think of texture when cutting out images from magazines, newspapers, books, pictures, and work those textures into the art piece.

As artists, we have every imagineable thing opened to us in the art world.

Enjoy it.

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