Monday, September 13, 2010

Tables for Art, Sewing, Drafting, Architecture or Kitchen

Today, while in Boston, I was glancing through a book that gave information on how to design your sewing room. Very much like an art studio (art room), I went through it, always interested in organizing my art studio. Being a room right in between rooms in my house; my art studio was a dining room, then it was a sitting room, now it is my art room. To the right of my art studio is the dining room now, and to the left is the kitchen. My studio has complete open doorways, so there are no walls or should I say partial door ways with about 12 inches build out from the doorway. The other two walls have windows in the middle of the walls. It feels like everything lines the edges of the walls and one bureau sticks out. Please don't think I am complaining or unhappy. I am doing much better than a year ago, not working on much art at all. Always contemplating a spot to work in, how to fix it up, what colors to paint the walls, (what walls basically) and making as most space as I can. I don't want to go and get rid of the two bureaus I have because I did buy them, but I think they may be too long, one being over 4 feet long and the other five feet long. I have two tall white tiers int he room also which have glass shelves and cabinets underneath each tier. I have my fabric books and ephemera in baskets on each shelf. I feel still unsure if I am using my space the best way. Having my supplies out helps me in creating, using all of the supplies.

I may or may not do this, and I showed my daughter also who talks about becoming an architect:

Purchase an old desk, perhaps two drawers to the left
and two drawers to the right, and a top long drawer.
Turn the bureau upside down (this may need another person)
Buy four roller wheels and screw them into the legs of the desk.
Purchase a piece of ply wood the size of the bottom of the desk
and nail the plywood in all around the desk bottom or staple
with a heavy duty staple gun.
Turn the desk back over, and now you can roll it. The ply-
wood you put on the bottom made a shelf so that you can store
your larger canvases, drawing pads and or finished art work
in between the drawers (this is where you would put your legs.
Measure the top of the desk and have a piece of glass cut for it.
Select favorite hooks of all sorts and screw them into the sides
of the desk so that you can hang up your palette, your rules etc.

The reason I showed my daugher this is because it is a great invention for college. Most of the time, the college will supply you your desk, but perhaps you could talk to your RA or dormmother and see if you can have the college desk removed, and roll your right in. You can keep all of your art supplies or sewing all in and on one piece of furniture. Perhaps you could buy a tall and slender burea, put wheels on it also, and place it at the end of the desk. Place a great light on top of the burea, and one on your desk. You need good lighting if you are doing design, drawing, or sewing.

Above is a quick sketch or drawing of what I saw in that particular book.

You can be very creative here for your personal style. Paint your desk the color you want, strip it of it's previous paint or stain, and restain. Put different handles on it if the ones there are not what you like.

Put a cutting board on top of the desk rather than a piece of glass if you want to use this desk for you kitchen, and place your cookie sheets where you would have put your canvas or drawing pads. This type of desk can be used for many rooms in your home.

Instead of putting, canvas, drawing pads and art work in between the drawers, you can put your fabric books or your second sewing machine there. Place your only sewing machine there when not in use and use the top of the desk for other reasons.

Wall paper books go great in between too if you are a collage artist.

Black chaulkboard paint is wonderful to paint the sides of the desk if you want to write yourself notes.

The list of ideas goes on and on!

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