Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Apple harvesting, canning apples

Wow, my apple trees dropped so many apples and that is good because we have never gotten time to prune, so the trees are huge; so tall that you could never climb.
I have made sauce, sold a bag, and now apple butter in the crock pot.
I have an inexpensive dehydrator, so I am going to try to dry them. 

I agree, they aren't beautiful, but they are saving me a lot of money and so convenient to go right into my yard and pick.

Baking Blueberry Muffins

 Baking Blueberry Muffins is my way of using up my store bought blueberries.  I always plan to use them in my cereal in the morn, or in pancakes and I forget, and they spoil so today, a cool autumn day in New England.

The recipe called for milk, which I only had skim and half and half in the fridge, so I mixed them, and as you can see, it had no affect at all in changing the way they rose.

I used to make the Jordan Marsh blueberry muffin recipe, but this time, there are so many recipes online I decided to try something different.  This recipe has the crumb topping which I didn't use all because it seemed like they had enough on top before putting into the oven.  I wish I had used it all now because I saw areas where the crumbs are not.  Still good though!

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Garland, Penants, decorated banners

I have a passion for garlands, penants and banners.  I think it is the petite Ness of each part of it.  I love the triangles, the little flags,  pieces of fabrics torn and tied  dangling from ribbon.  I did a swap and really wanted to change things up for the gal that was receiving mine.  I think I liked how it turned out.  I made layers of flowers  and topped the petals off with a paper butterfly.

Monday, June 1, 2015

Juliette Crane's Owl Class

Can you believe this first page turned into the owl.  Yes, it is fascinating isn't it?  Layered papers, acrylics, a little of this anda little of that, voila.  Loved this process, even though I still had to learn, and get out of my typical comfort zone of trying to understand.  I bought her class, never was ableft to do it.  After a year, you lose the class online and you you can't download them.  So thanks to Tam from Lifebook, Juliette had her class on one of the weeks.

 I did add stickers and words that would work well with the colors, made copies at Kinkos, and was able to share with a couple of girl babies to decorate their bedrooms.

Jenniebellie's Banner and Penant swap

Well, with having a road rage incident against myself and my husband this weekend, and having two computers from two different stores and two different brands, and both being piracy isdues, I got done my swap banner/penant.  Still not sure what makes them different and another name is garland.  I think I like garland better;  it sounds so much more decorative, holidayish, fancy, pretty...

I wanted to do something different.  I have been working in a book called "Creative Call"  This book has you ponder the roadblocks in
your life to why you may not be doing art work or your craft; what the stumbling blocks may be, perhaps a negative word came at you in your life to stop you from creating.  I have been taking classes, learning techniques, and just wanting to get out of the copy zone, repeating what I see, but wanting to do my own creation.  Striving for this has become my hobby.  Seeing others come up with their own ideas has somewhat become my envy, which has not been good.  So, when a thought comes in my head, I have been trying to seek where it is taking me.  So this garland kept crying out to me to do something floral.  My partner lives in Australia.  When my son saw my garland, he told me that Australia is turning fall, autumn weather, and we are just starting spring in New England.  So I thought it would bring my partner back a couple of seasons.  She told me she loves turquoise, so that was my addition to the garland.
We only had to make five attachments.  So I hand water colored my papers, punched out all of the petals and hand glued them to a backing, a paper butterfly was added, and vintage yellow pearls with a beautiful delicate ribbon.  I displayed  it all around my house so as to see if it was long enough and if it hung evenly.  I may make one for my grand-daughter.  She just turned one, so I have time.  It is a bit time consuming, but really pretty.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Carla Sonheim Practice

A few blobs of cheap water color, and gesso circles and stars...

some pencil smudges and shadow, a bit more gesso where needed

Sepia gold colored watercolor around the whole painting,
and more pencil around the edge of the paper

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Mixed media collage and my grandson

I have been making videos for my grandson in Germany.  I won't see him for a long time, and I want to grow with him.  He loves art right now, so I am making videos for him.  What was so cool about this was that I didn't over think like I always do.

I used the end of celery, the marker cover and the cardboard from coffee shops.  I used American craft acrylic pain, Crayola crayons, a chalk marker, pencil,  markers, scrap papers, and stickers.  I tried to use what he may have access to in Germany.

I had fun and hopefully he will too!