Friday, September 10, 2010

Collage-Waxed Paper

Here is a new little piece I am working on today.

The wax paper has paint all over it from the yellow water painting I did the other day. I had it in my trash bin. "Hey" I thought, let me try this as a color experiment, rather than a wax paper and paint experiment. So, I gethered a few different colors of my card stock (kind of like color aid paper back in college) and placed different pieces of card stock on top of each other to see what colors worked and complimented each other. Purple and lime green, wow, different combo. I think I am into lime green lately! I just put some lime green sheers on layaway. I had already punched out inchies out of the purple paper so that when I placed it on top of the lime green, it showed like little windows. I then layed the wax paper down and I can see subtle hints of the purple and lime coming through the wax paper.

Next blog, what I decided and came up with to finish this little piece as I cut and place the pieces and teach a color lesson.

You can have your children do this art with you and see the differences. This was acrylic paint I was using and wax paper as my palette; cheap pallette by the way and you can just wrap it up and throw away (or use again:)

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