Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Photographs of the Red Barn Rockport

I don't mean to bore you. The reason I took so many shots was because I wanted to show you how different this building can be far away, up close, on a cloudy day, blustery day. I so want to capture it during the dead of winter. I have the Nebble Light house in the winter storm months.

Before painting, or drawing, taking alot of pictures of what you want to work on. You may find that a different angle of something may make it the most interesting piece of art. Everyone usually takes this picture the same way. I found a couple of photographers sneaking and doing some photography in areas I have not seen people.

That is what I love about photography, trying to get somewhere, where no one has tried or gone to sneak the picture I love looking through windows, screens, porch rails, between houses to get a photo. None of these photos of the red barn between buildings came out well, but give you and myself a different perspective of one thing. So, if you are going to draw something with this unusual perspective, practice and make sure you have your horizontal line where you want it in your drawing. The placement of your main object has to be just right with the horizontal line. That is where we artists make our first mistakes.

I have gone to Rockport so often, that I thought I should get to really know it with the eye of the camera!

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