Thursday, September 9, 2010

Studio Lighting in your Art Room

I have two windows in my art studio, small windows that are set into the wall, so my lighting is very shadowed.

Lighting is one of the most important issues when doing your art work. An easel (of some sort) is very helpful, a table top of some sort, good brushes, pencils, gesso, gel medium, stamps, inks, and bees wax. Everything else, slowly comes, the collection of papers and ephemera. But lighting, if you don't have good lighting, you just can't see what you are doing. Your work becomes shadowed, and plays a role on your eyes.

If you want a really good light, look for iridescent light fixtures. AC Moore's, Michael's, JoeAnne's sell these great lights. Places like Big Lots, Building 19, Christmas Tree Shop or various warehouses get these lights at a much cheaper price, so keep a watch. Online coupons for AC Moore's, Michael's, JoeAnne's can be found by typing in the name of the store along with .com You can also go into the stores, give them your email address and you can receive the coupons directly to you to let you know when special sales are going on. I love the 50% coupon for a regular priced item. One time, I was blessed with money, and I went in everyday and bought an item that I wanted or needed. The coupons say one coupon per customer per day and sometimes the sales go on for a week.

The type of lights that I am talking about are approximately $60-$125.00 each. The coupon would come in handy. Do remember, the bulbs for these lights are approximately $35.00 each so find a coupon to pick up an extra light bulb.

I bought my light at a warehouse, and then have a floor lamp with a regular bulb, a table top lamp plugged in and a clip on light to one of the bureaus.

Home Depot also sells artistic type of lamps and the bulbs. There are bulbs that produce a day light appearance. It is good to have various types of light in your room.

The next type of light I am going to need is the one with the magnifying lens on top (haha).

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