Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Finished Tutorial and Views of all transfers

Going from Left to Right
Gel Medium on water color paper. The first went bad, the second I blow dryed and waited longer

The third one is the image with gel medium put on the surface of the image and the brown paper. They were bone folded, breyered with the wall paper seamer, blow dried a few times for a few minutes waiting for about 30 minutes, then wetting with water and rubbed off. A light coating of gel medium was rubbed into the surface for the image to come out clearer and the tag rumpled up a bit.

The fourth one is the packing tape. This was the second one. The cheap tape or cheap printer paper may have been the problem here. Remember I mentioned that the magazine images come out a bit better. When you are making one out of a magazine, you can actually let the image sit in water overnight before you rub the paper off of the tape.

The fifth image you are seeing is just the ink jet copy that was wet and layed on top of water color paper. It held up well. I blew it dry and am keeping it for another project.

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