Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Inchies and Twinchies Will Be Coming Soon

Yes, who came up with "inchies" and "twinchies"? They are the smallest piece of art. I actually think I will use tweezers for the placement of pieces next time. Inchies definetely creates an artistic challenge to me. So I am making myself do them by joining a swap at Roses on the Table.
Check her blog out. Lot's to do there and for a low yearly membership because NING changed some things, she has videos and short classes. That is my next purchase real soon I hope. I have been working with herj trading groups and am saddened about the fee, but she is worth it.

Last year, I made two twinchies for Milliande another great woman that you should check out. She does not charge for any of her videos and you can watch them on YouTube. The music she plays in the background is fun and soothing too! She was collecting twinchies and was going to do a huge project with them.

So, off tomorrow, my inchies will go into the mail; all six of them. The theme was on butterflies. I also am participating in a vintage tag swap and only three needed to be made this round. I got those almost done for September and then Marie Antoinette ATC's are up on the agenda.

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