Thursday, August 26, 2010

The New Pop Art of 2010

The New Pop Art of 2010 is the inchie and twinchie. I know, I know, people probably have been doing this size of art for centuries.

It is just new to me and I thought I would call it the Pop Art of the 21st Century!

Inchies are very small. Everything has to be shrunk up, smaller pen nibs, smaller stencils, small copies on that copy machine, small stickers and perhaps you need a pair of tweezers to hold some of the items.

The Inchie Swap I just did with Roses on the Table was the first time and they are out in the mail since yesterday. The theme was butterflies.

I cut out all of the squares at one time. Attached a backing to them so that they would be sturdier. Then I did my thing! Tiny butterfly stickers and then little swirls on the back.

They were fun and inchie!:)

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