Monday, August 9, 2010

Comparison of Arizona and New Mexico Architecture

Mauves, sappy greens, taupe, grey, cream, white, sepia, burnt sienna, burnt umber are various colors that I see in these churches.
You may use my photos to draw from, and if you do, please comment and send me a picture or link. I will drool I am sure to see your work.
I love my photos but am biting at the bit to sit down and work on some drawings.
Pastels, charcoal, watersoluble oil pastels, , goauche, sepia stick-conte crayon would be wonderful to use. I don't believe I would use all of the mediums together and yet as I am thinking about it, maybe I will. I have recently learned about using oil pastels and regular pastels with water or mineral spirits (for the oils) and I could perhaps use base colors with the regular chaulk like pastels and then do the oils on top. Perhaps I could lay some rubber cement on my drawing so that nothing will touch that spot, and then use the conte crayon or another medium when I rub off the rubber cement. Oh,I am getting so excited but going to the beach today. I get distracted trying to paint at the ocean because I love laying in the sun and doing photography. We'll see what happens.

I do have a little pack that I have various supplies together so when I want to go out, I can grab and go.

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