Monday, August 16, 2010

Great Art Supply Finds at the Dollar Tree Store

Brightly colored art supplies at the Dollar Tree Store!
Sometimes you or your art work needs some inspiration. I always keep my eye opened in the Dollar Tree for those little items that can be added to a art journal page, to that canvas, or ATC.

I need supplies around me to make make me go "Oooo, I want to use that"! I just don't think, I would like light blue lace with blue hearts hanging of of it. Be careful though! You can overspend and have things around that you will never use.

I keep a little notebook near by. When I am learning from YouTube or social Ning sites, I write down an art supply or medium that I don't have or would like to find something like it. Then when I am out doing chores or glancing around "window shopping", I know when I am getting a good buy.

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