Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Practice Drawing with Coffee in my Art Journal

Before I left the house yesterday, I grabbed the left over coffee and did a practice drawing all over the huge spread in my huge art journal. I grabbed the blower dryer, drying the pages as my family was walking out of the house. Then I sandwiched the two pages together and rubbed them. By the time I got into the car, the pages were dry enough for me to draw on top of. And so I did. Suzette Morrow from the Art Studio did this as an exercise. After you do the drawing, and let it dry, you look to see what you see standing out to you and draw over it with pencil. You know, like when you look into the clouds and see different things. Most of my page showed sea creatures to me so I drew on them. I didn't get to the beach today which my husband and I try to get there every week to two weeks. I guess I was really missing it.

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