Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Off of my feet with an injured knee

Yesterday, my husband, kids and I were all set to head out to Boston. I wanted to walk to Newbury Street to take Dan to a couple of the art galleries that I adore. These galleries are privately owned and have masters works like you can't believe and it is quiet and you can just look, take your time and meditate.
I was fine, got dressed, came downstairs, grabbed my pocket book and out of no where, I got a knife stabbing pain in my left knee cap. If you would know me, I wanted to still go to Boston but my family thought that maybe too much even though I would have sat at a bookstore in the Prudential Center. "No" was the answer so instead we went to a more local bookstore where my daughter helped me get to a table to sit while my husband went to park the car.

I have iced it, rested it, I have sat, sitted and am still sitting:) I have blogged, surfed my favorite blog sites, worked on my inchies for an "inchie" swap and did my three vintage tags. I have a chair that is on wheel-an office type and I rolled to the blower dryer and back to the desk with my leg up. My daughter made home-made chicken soup and my son made a steak dinner last night.

Have I gone to the doctors? Can I shy say no...insuranc.....years ago I broke my other knee; the doctors could not figure out how and neither could I. They said something is different about the anatomy of my knee cap so I am hoping I am not heading in the same direction with this knee now. I had major surgery and orthroscopy could not do the job. My knee is not overly swollen but I can barely walk on it. It feels swollen, week and very painful. Only getting up to go to the bathroom or to my art room because I can't walk anyway. Tomorrow will be day 3 and I guess I'll have to make some decision. So I am so greatful that I got alot of these little artist trading tags and inchies done, I have experiemented alot and have work to show it for along with this tutorial for you.

If you are confused, write to me. I can clarify. I have noticed that when you are writing on your blog, you have to go in the opposite direction to teach step by step and I think I am going with the end results to the beginning. Sorry, I will work on this.

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