Monday, August 30, 2010

Pottery and the Gardner

Today, we were invited by a sister-in-law to go for a day vacation to Chatam Cape Cod. The Cape is so different from other beaches in Massachusetts. The feel of the ocean and the shingles of the homes are so different than like Rockport or Gloucester. All being the same Atlantic Ocean, but completely different feels to them. Rockport and especially Gloucester have the real fishermen, colonial home type feel. The Cape is like the Atlantic Ocean set before your eyes. Each home has a rustic beige or greyish look to them. Purplish blue hydrangeas are a main bush in front of their homes. I am told that it depends on the acidity of the ground that determines how purple, blue or pink they are.

The home we visited is at the end of a dead end road. The owner has 3-4 homes all kind of side by side in it's own lilttle neighborhood. We had the second to the best view out of all the homes; facing the wetlands and grasses and to the left the ocean. The best house faces the ocean.

Well, let me tell you about my day. First of all, we wanted to talk to our friends and family because we have not seen them for a couple of years so we had to catch up; until the teens wanted to head to the beach.

I couldn't find part of my bathing suit so I had to wear a tee shirt and shorts but that was ok. The tide was low so there were sand bars where the kids and my husband included swam over to to play and see a different aspect of the ocean. I was very happy with my camera and finding all of the beautifyl pearlescent yellow insides of shells. I am dying to someday make a curtain out of them and white shells. Forgetting a bucket, cup or bag, I had to fill my pockets with the shells and anything else that I found was important to me. I found a huge shell, the kind you listen to to hear the ocean; most of the top part was gone but I took it anyway. I will bleach it and maybe create a little scenery inside of it. Then I found a hermit crab in a shell. So I just had to poick them up and place some wet seaweed on top to keep him moist.

I have had hermit crabs before so I figured maybe I could put him in a little tank and keep him. I hope he makes it. He was quite far from the water's edge anyway and usually hermit crabs live on sand and just need a shell filled with water int he tank so tht they can crawl in and bathe or drink.

Well, anyway, as I was walking on the sand and rocks, I retwisted my injured knee and wasn't sure I would make it the rest of the way but I did; resting it when I got back tot he house.

In the meantime, not just shells did I pick, but plenty of rose hips. I am taking an herb class on and I can make different things with the hips. They may not have been as ripe as I would have liked but hopefully I will get the vitamin C that I want from them for the winter time.

So, I left for home with a full belly, my family always feeds us good, a bit of a sunburn after resting in the 94 degree sun on the deck, a sore knee, but photos, shells, rose hips, dried hydrangeas, a hermit crab and last but not least, a bit of pottery from the man down the street that is not just a potterer but a gardner too.

This man's little black cat almost 17 years old layed out next to my husband in the back of the little cozy shack, snoozing while I looked at all the little pieces of pottery he makes. His store is on the edge of this little street and year after year, I pop in for a visit and never purchase anything even though I would have loved to. His prices ran so inexpensively and you could pick up a little starfish for $1.00 up to about $24.00 for a dish.

I found a wonderful little dish, with a bit of a dip in it as though it could be a very shallow bowl. Rough in texture, this bowl has a glossy shiny fish on top of it. I picked up a couple little starfish and placed them in the dish and I have it next to my sink. I put my home-made patchouli soap in it but not sure if that is where I'll keep it or what I'll keep in it. Ask my kids, I am always changing everything around.

Anyhow, the shack that I was in had glass pieces hanging int he window witht he reflection of light peeking through each piece; purple, blue, gold, green of different shades were these round recycled glass pieces with an imprint of something the middle of each circle. He creates angels with their hands lifted up in all different sizes, he makes sheep in different sizes and colors, lions, vases, baskets and he sells garden ornaments of different kinds. Fountains of water trickle in his tiny little yard with pacasandra and vines growing over the ground with pea stone and stepping stones to walk by. Bird houses and his pieces of pottery along the wall for you to purchase.
I don't know how he makes money, I think he just likes living at the ocean and working in his other shack where the pottery is made piece by piece. To me it seemed like "What a Life"!

We are now home and I am reminsicing.

Thanks to Sarah and Cathy!

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