Sunday, August 29, 2010

Mona Lisa

I honestly wonder how many times the Mona Lisa has either been in an art book, a history book, hanging in a museum, re-copied to be used in a new piece of art?

Many years ago, I had Mona Lisa's picture in a frame on my wall overlooking my bed. It was kind of funny because I always felt like she was looking at me so I took it down.

Well, this time, I found a little chunky art book on France in a second hand book store. It is almost perfect in it's square shape, it's paper is glossy but a nice thickness and it has many pages. The photography is so interesting in this little book I am not sure how I want to cover the pages. I don't know if I should glue all of the pages together, cut into them to make a thick frame, and insert something into it like a shrine or work on each page leaving some of the photo that is there to be implemented into my work. Decisions, Decisions, but good ones and fun ones to make.

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