Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Tags-Like Little Petit Journal Pages

I don't know where this journal spread came from but all I know is that I had a ball. I had taken a photo of a water fountain in a beautiful botanical garden in Andover Mass about three years ago. I didn't want the photo to just hang around, I didn't feel like framing it, and I didn't want to junk it.
so months ago, I cut it out and applied it to my journal along with a gum package and gum wrapper. It stayed this way for months. I also love labels or tags from clothing and save them figuring they would make great tabs for journal pages. I gessoed the tags and put them inside the gum container and there they sat until tonight. The whole spread I did this evening. Shocked I am to be honest with you. I just let go and went wild. A bit different than my style because I always seem to go green, black and gold and grungy. This time I went more bright psychadelic colors.

I went to the Dollar Store today and found these small acrylic pots of paint in tropic colors and "Fresh" colors. Yes, that is what they were called. So I began to use a palette knife which is different for me and applied them to the pages-that was step one for tonight.

2. Stenciled with a metal stencil and a plastic stencil.

3. Flicked paint.

4. Stencilled with an absorbent ground to raise an image.

5. Used bronze acrylic paint and used a tool to create texture.

6. Dotted sparkly paint.

7. Attached hydrangea petals stamped out with a punch into paint tabs.

8. Applied with medium the clothing labels onto pieces of papers, ripped the edges, grunged them up with black and walnut ink pads. Punched holes and attached with hemp to the journal page.

9. Added a small embellishment of yard.

10. Began to journal on the back of the re-gessoed tag.

Supply list:

journal page
acrylic paints
personal photo
gum wrapper
gum package
clothing tags
hemp cord
paint chips
glitter paint
absorbent ground-white
metallic paint
modge podge
black ink pad
walnut ink pad
copper acrylic paint

Techniques with this journal spread

palette knifed

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