Monday, August 16, 2010

Weekend Rose Honey

This weekend, after doing aing a bit of antique shopping, I was able to salvage some rose petals from my bush.
I am studying herbs from I wanted to taste what rose honey would taste like but have not had enough roses to pick. Either I get a couple of roses and the petals fall off or there are no roses. I had planted about 3-4 new bushes this year. Two survived and no flowers at all. So these petals are from last years bushes. A rose bush will not produce the first year most of the times especially if you buy the bushes at Christmas Tree shop. Hopefully, they will survive the winter and come back. My yard is very good for roses. "Draught" summer is what I call this year. No water and I am guilty-I have not watered the roses much at all. What do I expect then? The more fragrant the petals are, the better the flavor and the better health wise for you. These petals were not fragrant enough.

Two weeks ago, Dan, the kids and I were at the beach in Salisbury Beach in Massachusetts. The kids and I took a long walk and I was able to pick rose hips. I want to make something decorative with them for the fall or use them to make a syrup. Not sure. I better make up my mind though soon because they are drying and if I want to make a syrup, the rose hips should be red.

Today, we travelled a bit in Massachusetts and I noticed that the edible herbs and street side wildflowers are drying up more here in the Merrimack Valley area than the Worcester County area. I would have loved to stop and pick-forage-harvest. Hubby was driving too fast though. My main goal was to find mullein to make earache oil. I need the flowers from it.

My rhubarb and blueberries are done for the season I believe. I have one bush of raspberries and perhaps I will get two cups and that is it. Harvesting raspberry leaves and drying them are great for tea though. Next project....too many

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