Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Masters

Have you been board lately with your art, or your just not sure what colors to do in your art work? You need a pick me up?

Go to the masters. Pick up a book at the library, go online or maybe you have an art history book.

Find your favorite artist. Identify with that artist. Look closely why you like this particular drawing or painting. Learn and observe the line qualities, the paint strokes, which color is next to which color, what shapes make the landscape or body, is the character sad or happy, is the painting dull and dark or bright and lifelike.

Then, when you sit down at your paper or canvas, select the colors that artist used and apply those to your piece.

Recently, when I was working on a collage for a class, I really was unsure about my faces. They look out of proportion a bit, I wasn't sure about the color and the noses; feeling the noses are too big. My daughter even tells me that I draw big lips or noses. Well, I went to Gaugin's pieces, and noticed that I had a touch of him in my pieces; the colors, the style with the black outline, the dark skin tones of the women, and the bit of out of proportion of his faces. My faces are still not in proportion properly though, I am not saying Gaguin's pieces are out of proportion:) But I felt better about my piece and have a goal to keep working at.

I don't have to like every single piece I ever work on. Some of my pieces just don't sit right with me at first, and later, rub off on me. Others I just still do not like, but I am growing and learning. I don't think I ever want to be so accomplished that I build up with pride.

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