Saturday, August 21, 2010

Art by Johanne Knore

A couple of weeks ago I was at Barnes and Noble and found a book that I adored. Sketching and drawing was the focus of this book and I came across this artist whom when I saw his drawing, it hit me what an absolute beautiful journal page this would be.
Just look at his imagery and the flow of is writing creating a doodle type of affect and yet meaningful; creating the birds swirling through the air.
When we artists are journaling, we need to take note on the affect of our writing or our prompts into our work. I myself have been a bit curious about understanding more and more how to implement my writing skills into individual pieces of art. I know I definetely separate my art from my thoughts which I have wanted to overcome.
This piece inspired me so much to understand more. Did I buy the book? No, I put it on hold and never got back to the bookstore. I wonder if it is still there. It was a sale book:(

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