Thursday, August 26, 2010

Keeping a Wish List & Inchies

If you want the easiest way to create an inchie, get this puncher. I got mine on sale so you do not have to pay $15-19.00 for it. Michaels, AC Moore's and JoeAnne's Fabric have sign up lists that you can give them your email and you will receive an online coupon. If you havn't had a chance to do that, just google these stores, and you can download coupons sometimes to as much as 50% off. That is when I purchase alot of my stash over the year. It is a slow build up of supplies, but even if you get one item per month, you now have 12 over the year. Think about what you really desire and keep a wish list of the art supplies you really want or need.

If I want to do inchies, hand cutting them out is a bit much. If I am doing a "twinchie" which is two inches large, (and they are large compared to an inchie), the puncher does a great job.

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