Thursday, August 26, 2010

Getting a Clothing Deal and Being Creative

With the new season coming, I always love to see what new colors are in. I always feel like throwing on the pumpkin bright orange sweater on that hangs off of my wrists and wear it with a great pair of jeans or my leather jacket with a light weight scarf wrapped around my neck.
You read the prices in alot of the magazines on the magazine stand, and you sweat thinking how on earth can I afford the prices of any of these clothes?
I recently found a book and a great web site called Fashion Meets Faith Newsletter. Shari Braendel wrote a great book for women and girls on modesty and how to dress fashionable. By Shari's pictures, I see she surely does that. I recently wrote to her to see if I can make arrangements to have her out here for women and daughters. Almost everyday, I get an update from her site. You can do a color analysis free on her site also and read about what to have in your wardrobe and what the style is for the fall and the colors! Oooo, I love that part, the colors!
I guess I dress like an artist but clothing is just as important to me as my art work. I want to represent myself properly to all who I meet. You know, I teach bible studies for women and their daughters every other month and last month I stated that it is the inward beauty not the outward beauty. The Lord knows we girls love to look nice. If our hearts are ugly, the the beauty outwardly is nothing. So definetely let's start with the inward beauty. Also, to help a bit with your wardrobe, I have some ideas also.
I have gained quite a bit of weight over the past 2 1/2 years. Only being 99 pounds and having fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue since I was fifteen and have just hit the half of a century, my body has started to change. Never thinking I would ever gain weight, I kept all of my clothes and they were size 3's and 5's. Every month I was gaining and now I do not own a 3 or a 5. So how do I do it with a husband as a pastor for a very small church and our income is so low that we are greatly struggling.
I keep up with fashion, I take suggestions because not all of the styles are good or proper. I keep account of what colors I like and what colors look the best on me. After doing the color analysis, it seems that I am considered warm. I question that a bit, but I do love rust, olive, browns, beiges and you would see I have alot of that. I take an over view of what I have and I make a list of the don't have's and keep it in my pocket book.
You know, we live in one of the worst states financially in the country, but I can always find a bargain at a thrift store, yard sale, Salvation Army, Goodwill, Antique shops and even the mall. I have done clothing swaps at my house also and the ladies love it!
You can get the things that are mentioned on Shari's site slowly.
I got a black leather jacket for $12.00 at Salvation Army. Sally's has $1.00 days on Friday's and Saturday's on certain colored tags. Wednesdays their clothing is 1/2 off the price.
Charlotte Russe had a sale buy one get the second for 50 percent off and the clothing was already $4.00-9.00 so for two shirts I paid $13.00.
Dots had a great sale. Pleather jackets were $5.00. I got a pair of jeans for $3.00 there.
I have brought clothing, jewelry, pocketbooks I don't use to different consignment shops. When I sell something, I now have the credit that I can either use in that store or get the money and use for clothing stores. You can have a yard sale. I know that selling clothes has been one of the largest money making areas of my yard sale. I sell items for $1.00 or sell things 5 for $3.00 excetra. Try new ways. See what happens. Then you have a few dollars to take and purchase some new things for your daughters and yourself.
Great Deals can be found!
Do some research and you will find great things!:)

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