Monday, August 9, 2010

Restoration Art The drawing done below my photos belongs to this gentleman at this blogsite!

Notice the blue sky in my photo and how this artist captured the blue in his painting. It is true, the sky is this blue when you are there.

Notice the square shapes that make up this architecture, almost like you could walk down steps, and then you have these rounded curved open ways that create a window affect. These window affects give you a clear view through them on what is behind them so you have a collage affect; color and shapes peer through the windows.

The texture of the buildings is rough and a sand type of materials is used in the paint. My husband and I were intrigued with a video being played in this church on how the building had been restored. Remember, this church was created in the wild wild west days, and the materials used were very different. Artists today along with architecuralists (new word:) ) and historians study these materials that make up the original building and are creating new materials that will stand up through the weather and heat and fullfill the destiny of the history of this building for more people to visit.

I decided that if I was not my age, I would study this type of restoration. I worked for a man in the 1980's, where I restored the catholic church's nativity statues. I loved it; repairing broken fingers, arms, chipped paint, a worn off nose, matching the paint, and repainting, revarnishing. Watching the video of the artists painting the gold inside the church, matching the paint colors and applying them to the statues and details,00000 inspired me so! Isn't it wonderful for us artists to enjoy beauty like this that other artists created. We can learn so much form studying.

(I do realize my photos are included in my work to the right of the blog, but I wanted them to be right in with what I was writing and easier for you to compare works from another artist.

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