Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Printmaking on Fancy Fabric

A year ago, I went to the Brimfield Flea Market in Brimfield Massachusetts, supposedly the largest flea market in the country. I think I have that info right:) I am from that area so from time to time, I check on the schedule of the flea market and try to attend at least once for the year. It takes me almost 2 hours to get there now and I can only make about 1/8 of the market because I don't stay in the area. I would probably have to be there 3-4 days to scout the place the way I would really want to.

I found this wooden block along with one other. They were only $4.00 a piece. My sons had given me money for my birthday so that is what I bought.

The first attempt was trying to print with them on a canvas board. Duh! What was I didn't work. I kept the blocks out for decoration in my studio for awhile but just wasn't getting it. I didn't necessarily want to print the way the blocks were used for. I wanted to do something different but what?

So, the other day I was dabbling in all sorts of little projects and I thought, I am going to try to print with them today! I brought out my ink pads, the blocks, and some fabric that I was gifted with from a woman who makes drapes and upholstery covers. I worked on it for a short time. I am going to have to continue though; different fabrics, different color inks, fabric paint, creative patterns, and stitching...ooolala! It should be fun.

What a blessing that the Lord has given us this sort of creativity to play with!

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