Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Does This Seem Boring to You?

Does this seem to be a boring journal spread to you? The look of it kind of thrilled me at first.

Let me tell you my story about yesterday's spread..............I was watching many you tube videos on techniques of journaling. So instead of watching, taking notes, I figured I would take real notes in my journal and put into action what I am learning. I didn't have maskin tape, but I had a water color tape so I used it not knowing if it was going to stick to the pages and I was going to have to leave it on. Sitting on the floor next to me is a bag of acrylic paints. Two years ago, I bought a bunch of paints at a yard sale for $12.00. There were three boxes of them. Lately, I have desired to clean up my art room (again) and get rid of things. Too much I thought. My idea was to cold turkey, close my eyes and grab a bottle of paint out of the bag and use it no matter what color it was.

Citrus and Liberty Blue were the two colors I selected out of the bag with closed eyes. Oooo, ocean colors. I painted between the tape, pulled the tape up (yes it tore the surface of the paper in spots). "Ah", I said. "I have seen other artists rip their paper and they just went on". The perfectionism in me is starting to go. I don't know how on earth I can be a perfectionist and do grungy mixed media collage. It is the other part of my brain working. Imagine that, using both parts of the brain.

Another artist on a video was doing things with circles. I don't usually like circled art. I think it was from college when my professor made us cut out a huge circle and do geometric designs in the circle. Ugh! I saved the cover of a milk container, dipped it in gesso and plopped down circles. What next.....a rubber stamp shaped like a tag with lines, I began stamping all over for the line journal effect.

If any of you have heard of Teavana, go and get a sample. If you havn't, look it up. Expensive but delicious tea. One of their small catalogues is delectable paper and colors. No, I don't eat the paper, but it is so nice to touch and look at. I did more than look at it, I tore it to pieces andapplied that. More gesso circles with a blue calligraphy pen to outline the circle.

Tiny bubbles (have any of you ever heard that song), I love bubbles and their translucentness. So on went medium and sparkles. White pen, black marker, charcoal........

Results-one of my favorite pages so far. Mixed media all of the way!

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