Friday, October 14, 2011

9 ARTBUNDANCE Principles

This is my peace project for the Artbundance.
There are nine principles that we are learning and we could do any type of art project to remind ourselves of the principles.

A month ago, my family and myself went to have ice cream. It was absolutely gorgeous out. Little tiny yellow leaves were swirling down, and as you looked up , you would see a glimmer of the sunshine and the aqua color blue coming down from the sky and that is all I saw when I looked up. I held onto that memory and for the first time tried to portray it in an art piece which because a piece of paper cloth. I then made little banners out of paper to have fly in the sky that were about the 9 principles and what examples have occurred in my life to remind me of the principles individually.

The paper cloth was made out of an original piece of water color paper. I applied a textured paste to it and blowed dried it. I then added aqua tissue paper all over it with modge podge and then the silk leaves. The modge podge was sparkle MODGE PODGE. Then I added some really neat little silver dots that for me reminded me of when the light from the sun glistened through the leaves and almost blinded my eyes with its beauty.

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