Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Welcome to my Photography

On Crystal's Creations-StillWatersgallery, I will share alot of my photography. In fact, most of the photography is done by me. I also take the pictures and videos of my work.

I have a Canon Rebel. Years ago in college, I took a photography class with an SLR Canon camera. I learned to do the developing also but the chemicals were so expensive that I did not have the money to buy them or to replace them when they went bad. When you are a new photographer, things go wrong and your chemicals can go bad too! At that time, I couldn't even afford the film.
Yes, I have always been a poor artist and hopefully that will change someday. My parents bought me the camera for a gift and I was an art major and music major in a college in Boston. So, out of sheer desperation and care, I would try to take as little pictures as I could because I could only afford one role of film. You laugh...yes I do too! One role of film is nothing compared to our world today of taking thousands of pictures in one trip and then trying to decide which ones to keep and the rest to delete. We can delete on our camera and we can delete on our computers when we load up our pictures. We can have our pictures developed from companies online or stores down the street, camera shops or even our homes with our lazer print machines.
We just don't know how we have it made. But you want to know what is funny? I took my memory card to Ritz photo three months ago to bring my sons wedding pictures and still have not picked them up. "Why" you ask? Because I can't afford to pick them up:) Sound familiar?

Anyway, the architecture photos you see on my blog, along with flowers from Arizona were quickly taken because we were on the run. I wanted to remember the images, the colors, the lines, the textures...I want to recreate these sites into my collage or paintings/drawings. You may use my pictures to draw or paint from. Enjoy them and please send me copies of your work!

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