Thursday, July 22, 2010

Design, Color, Pattern, Line, Texture

The Citgo sign made such an impact in my life and I am sure it did for the artist/artists that designed this logo.

As an artist, these types of things make an impact in my life. I went to college for graphic art and illustration. The goal in 1978 was to create designs that the public would want; something catchy with design, color, pattern, line and texture that touches your emotions and memory.

I remember we had an assignment for the Worcester Children's Museum in Massachusetts. We went to the museum, had a tour, and went back to the studio to work on posters for the museum to sell. Another assignment was to help the museum redesign their floor layouts in the actual museum. It was a fun assignment. Back then, everything was done paystub style, handpainted signs with goauche, free hand lettering or presstype. Today, everything is done on the computer along with doing collage and ATC. It is really sad to me though. I love hand done artwork. Don't get me wrong because I do photography also, and my kids tell me doing artwork online takes just as long but I do appreciate art work done by hand with real paint brushes, and real paint. I love the texture of paint and papers.

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