Tuesday, July 13, 2010


I love architecture; especially buildings that were built so long ago. I just can't figure out how on earth monks so far long ago, built this beautiful missionary church that you see on my blog. When I went to Arizona for my husband's father's funeral (I have never been to Arizona before), my mouth gaped in awe over the colors, design, shapes and various textures I saw. As I even look at my photos, I see collages already made just by taking pictures of what has been built years and years and years ago. When I visited this church, I felt like I was in a western movie. Do you want to hear "shabby"? Oh yes, shabby chic all the way. the muted colors were lovely along with gold gilding. I will add more photos of the inside of this fabulous building.

So we artists of today are not far off from the founding forefathers of this country.

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