Thursday, July 8, 2010


As you know, I have been drawing my grandson Justice, along with implimenting drawing in my collages with Petit dolls. I have been drawing since I was six years old and now am turning fifty. I have never had an excellent instructor, even in college, so my drawing has been self taught and is still on that road. When I go to the bookstore, I am always in the art section or craft section looking at the new mixed media books that are out.

One day, while scanning the internet for free videos and classes, I came across CHECK IT OUT. You will learn some really indetailed points on drawing and painting. Short videos teach some great stuff if you want to continue in your drawing skills. This teacher has many interesting concepts that I have only begun to learn. For instance,
using your straight edge of your ruler or paint brush to keep the angles in your drawing accurate. Barry John Raybould is the artist teaching. In the drawing tutorial, he keeps you focused on the triangle shapes of objects, figures, landscape... when you finally determine a particular triangle, you move from one point of that triangle to the next triangle you see in what you are drawing. He teaches you alot about perspective and making sure your angles in the triangle are accurate before you proceed.

I love this tidbit he taught in a tutorial: when you are looking at a painting, title it with three words. If you can not title it, then perhaps the painting has lost it's focus. This goes along with yesterdays blog when I talked about naming your art piece in a small notebook, and writing down the layers you have used in your collage so that you can redo that collage, or use the techniques in a new piece.

Barry's tutorials and classes (these you will have to pay for) are intricate and perhaps not what you want to study everyday, and perhaps you feel do not work for a collage, but the education that you can get is wonderful.

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