Thursday, July 22, 2010


Well, I have seen many self portraits in the art world, from photos, to journal pages,, tonight I was thinking, I think I'll just sit quietly by myself and shoot some photos with my camera. That is a very hard endeavor when you are trying to do it by yourself and you get this idea late evening and your tired, and your makeup is almost off. I took a few and couldn't bare showing the others for vanities sake, so this one I put on.

My dad had grey eyes which I did not know until he passed away, and I was going through old documents of his, and read that he had grey eyes. I always thought they were blue like my moms and that is why I had blue eyes. Low and behold, I have greyish green eyes and my kids have been noticing the change also.

I may use this photo, copy it and add text to the area of my forehead; perhaps something I am thinking, perhaps a poem, or maybe just words...not sure what my inspiration will be when I sit down.

I am also working on cat ATC for Roses on My Table blog. Sometimes I am doing a couple of swaps at the same time so this time I got confused and made only two cards thinking I was trading directly to another artist. I have two more days to post the cards, and I started working on them tonight thinking I should finish. I am using an old children's book that has poems, music, and almost wood carved pictures. I am incorporating a bit of fabric for the background of the card along with some of the original papers, words, and yarns to create a sense of a yarn ball that cats play with.

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