Sunday, July 18, 2010

Decorating With Herbs

When I harvest my herbs, I immediately hang them upside down. Mints I dry in my dehydrator to have for tea for the winter months. Mint tea is awesome for calming your nerves down at night and for an upset stomach and flu season.
You can also take a bath infused with mint tea leaves. Take a piece of cheese cloth, put the dried mint in a square shaped piece, tie it with some twine or wrap a rubber band around it tight, place it in the tub while pouring the hot water in it and enjoy the scent.
Fresh mint can be placed in your cold iced tea.
Making soap is an enjoyable event I have had with my friend Kathy Huppe. Mint can be added to your home-made soap.
Candles are cheap to buy. Purchase a white candle, spread glue on it and roll the candle in the dried mint leaves.
My drying herbs make great decorations on the back porch, in my crocks in the kitchen, and in home-made wreaths. The smell lasts for a long time. If you don't smell them anymore, rub the mint between your fingers, and the oils will liven your smell. And you can also use these herbs for cooking (unless they have dust on them from hanging for months0:)

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